Below is an overview of apps and projects I built over the years.


  • Internal Note

    A blog about Zendesk with a focus on development and the Sunshine platform..

  • Zendesk Guide Custom Pages

    Example page that showcases the Zendesk Custom Pages feature by integrating an asset catalog of products allowing customers to quickly find a product and get support.

  • ZAT Tools via GitHub Actions

    This Github Action creates or updates an existing app in your Zendesk instance after a succesful commit in your GitHub repository via an automated CI/CD flow with Github Actions.

  • Zendesk JWT Sample Library

    Example code that provides a good starting point to implement JWT across all off Zendesks’ widgets, messaging SDKs, iOS and Chat integrations

  • Zendesk Intranet Demo

    A demo landing page that demonstrates integration Zendesk Guide and Messaging into an Employee Intranet. Made for Premium Plus.

Marketplace Apps

  • Email Template Builder

    Design fully custom HTML templates for your Zendesk emails.

    Zendesk Marketplace

  • Event Manager Pro

    Give Context by adding Events to the Customer Timeline.

    Zendesk Marketplace

  • Message Board

    Send notifications to your customer service agents within Zendesk

    Zendesk Marketplace

  • Follower View

    Real-time video streaming library, optimized for interstellar transmission.

    Zendesk Marketplace

  • Widget Configurator

    Configure and customize your Classic Zendesk widget.

    Zendesk Marketplace

  • Premium Plus

    We do a lot more than just these highlighted ones I built myself.

    Zendesk Marketplace

Customer Projects

  • Augment Zendesk tickets via Workers

    Combining Zendesk Webhooks and Cloudflare Workers I built multiple integrations that take a Zendesk ticket and update custom fields, status and assignee based on data pulled from external CRMs or Asset Catalogs..

    Built for: Nike, Lotus Bakeries, DPG Media, Tango, Q8,...

  • Customer Profile App

    Sidebar apps for Zendesk Support and Sell that show customer data from an external CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Airtable, CSV file,…) next to a Zendesk ticket to give more context to agents.

    Built for: Carrefour, Tomorrowland, Locale, LeClerc,...

  • Zendesk Guide Themes

    Custom designed and branded Help Center themes for customers. Includes custom headers, form customization, headers,..

    Built for: Nike, De Lijn, Brussels Airport, MuseumPass, Carrefour, DPG Media, Novatech,, Liantis,…,...

  • Expanded Guide Forms

    Expand Zendesk Guide Forms with external API data. E.g. a list of bus stops for a complaint form, a list of Shopify products for a return form

    Built for: De Lijn, Tropic Skincare, BuzziSpace, Carrefour,...

  • Custom Widget Behaviour

    Show/Hide the Zendesk Widget based on the online status of a specific department. A custom topbar app for agents to set a department offline for customers (even though agents are online)

    Built for: Telenet, Mobile Vikings, X2o, PwC, Carrefour,...

  • Asset Management via Custom Objects

    Sync an Asset Database with custom objects. Allow customers to select the objects in a Webform. Show more info on the asset next to the ticket for agents, and write specific data to custom fields for better Explore reporting.

    Built for: DPG Media, Facilicom, Lotus Bakeries, PwC, Makers&Son,...

  • Ticket to PDF Letterhead

    Generate a printable letterhead of the latest agent comment from the Zendesk Ticket sidebar. By using a Cloudflare worker and PDFJS Which allowed agents to print their Zendesk comments on branded A4 paper for their more traditional customers or create work orders.

    Built for: LeClerc, Lotus Bakeries, Lunch Garden,...

  • QR Codes as a channel

    Generated QR codes within Zendesk that, when scanned, prefill a Guide Webform with the Asset Tag and associated data of that device. Data is updated live from an external Asset Database. Used in Facility setups for e.g coffee machines and printers

    Built for: Nike, Facilicom and DPG Media.,...

Awards and Publications.


How to manage an iPhone Launch with Zendesk

Zendesk Event 2016

Speaker at a Zendesk Event in 2016 in Brussels. Showcased how used Zendesk, Answer Bot and Guide to deflect 25K tickets on iPhone Pre-Order day. Co-presented with Jim Meerbergen.


Stopping iPhone Theft in its tracks


There’s no denying that iPhones are a sought after commodity. And occasionally, people will do anything to get their hands on them — including steal.

Awards and Featured Work

Idea of the year

Nacht van de KMO 2018

The 'Idea of the Year' trophy, presented by donor lawyer Jan Bergmans, went to Switch from Antwerp, which developed a system in which Apple devices are protected against theft. Stolen equipment is made unusable remotely while the police are on the trail of the thieves.